FIFA 15: 15 Ratings EA Sports Have Got Completely Wrong

The top 50-rated players in FIFA 15 are out, and EA have missed a sitter.

Last Sunday, one of the most eagerly-anticipated days in the run-up to the release of FIFA 15 passed as EA Sports finished their countdown of the top 50-rated players in the upcoming football simulation title. Since Wednesday 3rd, the publishers have been teasing out player ratings 10 at-a-time, and yesterday finished with their top ten. Throughout the course of this reveal, EA threw up many surprises. Players who many expected to be further up in the standings were instead released early and with an inferior score while some on this list haven't budged an inch from last year's game in spite of putting in some excellent personal performances over the last 365 days. Ratings in '15 are based on players' performances over the course of the last 12 months, and are intended to reflect on how their virtual counterparts stack up in EA's digital football world. Yet there are a series of stars who have played better than these ratings suggest during that period and it's not hard to find gripes with FIFA'S top 50. Whether it's a completely harsh downgrade, an inexplicable upgrade or a static rating, we've rounded up 15 Ratings EA Sports Have Got Completely Wrong in FIFA 15 - and we also have a bone to pick with the No.1 rated player, too. To find out why, and so much more besides, click 'next' to get started.

Joseph is an accredited football journalist and has interviewed nearly all of the current 20 Barclay's Premier League managers. He is also a correspondent for Bleacher Report and has written for Caught Offside and Give Me Football.