FIFA 16: 15 Criminally Underrated Players

When the best player in the Premier League is a 73, you know it's time to upgrade.

Every year EA look into their crystal ball to seek out the top players, and every year, they receive a barrage of: "WHAT?!" "76?!" "I'M BUYING PES" with gamers descending into full rant mode as their favourite footballing superstars are given a slightly lower number next to their name than expected. It's a thankless task for EA, with one-season wonders complicating their process of assigning stats. Harry Kane bagged a remarkable 32 goals for club and country last season, yet he was still only handed a 78-overall rating on FIFA, a decision that has been fully justified by his second-season wobble. Then there are the players who weren't expected to achieve a great deal, before exploding onto the scene in 2015/16. This has all led to some bizarre ratings when you look at them right now, but who are the most underrated players on FIFA 16?

15. Gylfi SigurĂ°sson - 78

Gylfi Sigurdsson may not be in the greatest run of form just yet, but the Icelandic midfielder has been a proven talent for long enough now to deserve an 80-overall rating. The 26-year-old's red-hot form during his first spell at Swansea led to a switch to Spurs, though he returned to South Wales at the beginning of last season in an attempt to pick up where he left off. He returned with 7 goals and 11 assists in the league, and while he hasn't started quite as well this time around, he's still a quality player worthy of higher.

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