FIFA 16: 8 Insanely Overrated Teams

From champions to staring relegation in the face...

Every year EA Sports are handed the thankless task of deciding ratings for champions, contenders, relegation-fodder and everyone else in between. They're not infallible, nor do they have access to a crystal ball when making their decisions. It's a near-impossible task to sift through every team's performance last season and conclude whether they're a genuine talent or just another one-season wonder. The same goes for players too, but it can be easier to pick up on overrated footballers when you see them every time you log into Ultimate Team. If you can drag yourself away from FIFA's wildly successful mode and drop back into realistic matches, you'll notice that several of FIFA 16's biggest teams have been given incredibly generous ratings when compared with their real-life form. Title winners have fallen to unimaginable lows, and champions have withered away, while former giants are constantly given over-inflated ratings due to their reputation and historical success. Any earlier in the season, you could claim that it was just a dip in form, but with almost all of the domestic leagues flicking into double figures in the 'games played' column, we have a far better idea on who the seriously overrated teams actually are...


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