FIFA 17: 10 Players Who Will Be Downgraded

Look away now, James...


Gabriel Agbonlahor isn’t that quick, is he? Since when was Jack Wilshere that strong? There’s no way that Ashley Young is better than Paulo Dybala.

The FIFA ratings system have always been a matter of debate since, well... since forever. People always end up arguing with each over whether a certain player should be given a higher score for a certain attribute. Even the footballers themselves must pride themselves on what rating they receive, with it becoming a source of serious banter in the dressing-room as they determine who indeed is the quickest, best dribbler etc.

However, there will be quite a few out there who won’t be in a mad rush to purchase the game when it hits shelves this autumn. Some have enjoyed a splendid season for both club and country and will expect to see a boost in their statistics. Others haven’t fared so well, and as a result they will be punished with the ignominy of having their ratings decreased.

Here are ten players that are sure to be given a downgrade in FIFA 17, after performing so poorly during the 15/16 season.

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