FIFA 17: 7 Big New Additions You Need To Know

6. Frostbite

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Beyond sharing the same prefix, EA Sports and EA Dice have very little in common. Dice specialise in balls-to-the-wall FPS games are the minds behind the massive Battlefield series and, more importantly, developed the Frostbite game engine. Later this year it'll be powering Mass Effect: Andromeda, the new Battlefield game and, for the first time, FIFA.

What does this mean for players? Well, a new game engine was desperately required for the physics involved in The Journey, with it taking the game away from a purely footballing environment. This means that the game as a whole will be grounded in more of a real-world look and feel, rather than a one in which kicking a ball sets every single precedent in physics.

Producer Aaron McHardy spoke about it thusly; Weve been working on this transition for over two years it was a massive undertaking. It allows authentic, true-to-life action; were one step closer to making the game look real. Frostbite comes with a brand new rendering engine and a new toolset, allowing us to really bring the visuals to life.

It's a risk on the part of EA Sports, certainly, but even with all the leaps and bounds made in FIFA's match engine over recent years it was probably about time to move on. Frostbite should, in theory, make a for a far more emotive and realistic experience.

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