FIFA 17 Career Mode: 11 Great Players From Average Teams You Must Sign

Under the radar players to acquire in Career Mode.

EA Sports

FIFA 17 has a lot of legitimately great teams which consist of a lot of great players. And while another list already proves that you can have a lot of fun and success playing against them with those less established, there are also a lot of under the radar players on teams that are not as fun, or even good. Players that you can sign in Career Mode and immediately achieve success with them in your line-up.

The players on this list vary in age, experience and potential, but you should consider them when your budget is limited or another big name player snubs you. Big names require big money, but these guys over here? Not exactly. They are also on not so great teams, so it is much easier to obtain them.

This list is organized in a way to form a starting eleven set in the classic 4-4-2 formation. This allows the list to cover all of the crucial positions on the field instead of focusing too much on strikers or defenders. So while some virtual managers looking for a more defensively/offensively oriented list might be disappointed, this organization allows for a more complete list with versatile players.

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