FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: 15 Best Cheap Hidden Gems

3. Juraj Kucka

2016 Getty Images

Overall Rating: 78

Club: AC Milan

Position: CM

Every team needs a good old-fashioned hammer-thrower, and there are few better destroyers than Juraj Kucka in FIFA 17. Simply put, the guy's a powerhouse, and you'll be splashing-out thousands of coins to do better than him.

What makes him so effective? How about that strength of 90 for a start. As soon as Kucka gets hold of the ball, nobody's knocking him off it, and his high-level aggression (84) and stamina (87) will have him snapping at the heels of opposing players all game long.

Kucka is a tank, and he packs some serious firepower. He's a surprisingly capable dribbler (77 dribbling, 79 ball control) for a man of such brutality, and when he gets in a good position, shot power of 85 means he's highly-capable of unleashing a stinging drive or two.

Never mind his 78 overall rating: Kucka can effectively anchor all but the highest-level teams.

Approx. Cost: 1200 coins.

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