FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: 15 Best Cheap Hidden Gems

1. Angel Correa

2016 Getty Images

Overall Rating: 79

Club: Atletico Madrid

Position: ST

Angel Correa is our most expensive entrant, and he'll likely stretch your team-building budget early-on, but he's worth every penny. Dubbed a "cheap Messi," Correa's overall rating of 79 masks one of FIFA 17's most effective strikers, and a real FUT hidden gem.

Once Correa gets the bell, it's incredibly hard to get it back from him. His four-star skills and flair/technical dribbler traits mean he's a real showman, and his dribbling statistics are way better than his price tag should allow. Highlighted by 85 ball control and 87 dribbling, Correa's all-round dribbling stat rounds-off at 86, and his effectiveness is compounded by his 83 pace.

Moreover, Correa's 81 finishing and 82 long shots make him an effective shooter from any range, whether playing an advanced position or a more deeper role. Stick him up front and he'll score goals for you: it's that simple.

Approx. Cost: 1300 coins.

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