FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: Predicting The Team Of The Year

Time to open some packs!

EA Sports

The biggest, most anticipated event in the annual cycle of FIFA Ultimate Team is just around the corner.

Nothing has the same impact on Ultimate Team as the Team of the Year. Countless dollars are spent on countless packs for countless amounts of disappointments. However, for a lucky minority, packing a Team of the Year player will become an overwhelming reality.

The question remains though, who will they be packing?

Throughout the history of Ultimate Team, there have been some mainstays in the Team of the Year. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have featured prominently in the team that is usually dominated by players from Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. However, as of late, a wider variety of players from different leagues have begun to take places in the XI.

While this is good for Ultimate Team players, it only makes predicting who will fill the eleven spots more difficult. But luckily, there are some pretty easy assumptions to make for who will be in there...

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