FIFA 18: 10 Changes EA Sports Must Make

Fifa 17 was good but there's still a lot that needs to be improved.

EA Sports

Let’s not lie to ourselves, Fifa 17 is the best football game on the market right now. We’ve all got that one ‘purest’ friend who still plays Pro Evo because “ah man, fifa players run like they’re on rails”, but they’re lying to themselves. Fifa 17 was a huge leap forward for the franchise and the genre in general.

The physics are the best they have ever been and so are the graphics (remember 09 when Aguero looked about 30 stone but ran like a gazelle?). But that does not make it perfect.

So since Fifa 18 is a mere ten months away at best, we’re taking a look at what EA should definitely change and/or ditch all together.

Come with us on a journey to the promised land...

10. Free Kicks

EA Sports

This is not going to be a crowd pleaser but if we’re honest with ourselves, the new free kick should show itself out.

It’s not pandering to the ill-skilled masses, but the effort that scoring free kicks takes isn’t worth the ONE goal you get when you manage to pull it off. The new penalty system is a vast improvement mainly because you can pick where you put the ball. I’m told there’s a similar feature on free kicks but it’s just so temperamental. There’s no mid-ground between picking the head off a fly at 40 yards and shanking it over the crossbar from just outside the box.

It’s time Fifa realised that they were never going to get a free kick system purer than that ball in the bottom left hand corner that let you control exactly where you hit it.

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