FIFA 18: 10 Improvements We Want To See In Career Mode

It's about time we were able to whinge at the media like Jose...

Fifa 18
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FIFA's Career Mode has been put largely on the backburner in recent years due to the whopping wads of cash EA make from Ultimate Team. Whilst that's understandable, it has led to the much-loved single player campaign mode stalling over the past four or five entries to the series. It's about bloody time this was fixed.

There's so much potential to make the Career Mode more than a steady slog through season after season. With just a little bit of love and attention, managing your favourite team or stepping into the boots of your favourite player could become something to cherish rather than inevitably grow bored with.

In order to stave off such tedium though, EA need to make a whole host of changes and actually stop neglecting the Career Mode. It gets the juices flowing to imagine what is possible in FIFA 18, especially if EA pay attention to the progress visible in last year's game.

Over to you, development whizz kids...

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