FIFA 18: 10 Players With The Most Potential For Growth

Buy and train the real-life Alex Hunters of the football world...

FIFA 18 Alex Hunter
EA Sports

FIFA's Career Mode is all about big business, huge transfer fees, and buying up as many stars as you can, right? Not necessarily. Sometimes, the most fun can come from developing youth and cramming your team sheet with the stars of tomorrow. To do so, you need to know who is worth scouting and which players are worthy of your patience.

EA's own story mode follows the inspiring story of Alex Hunter. Coming across like a digital version of Man Utd's Marcus Rashford, the fledgling superstar's journey from Sunday league zero to Premier League hero hints at what is possible when launching your career as a manager. It's time to take that multi-million pound bid for Ronaldo off the table and scour the youth market.

Take this approach and some of the most satisfying FIFA moments await. Just think how good it'll feel when that teenager you showed so much faith in scores the title-clinching winner or comes off the bench to net that oh-so-lucrative Champions League winning goal.

So, who has the potential to be footy's next top dog?

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