FIFA 18: 10 Players With The Most Potential For Growth

1. Marcus Edwards (Spurs)

The most impressive growth in FIFA 18 belongs to 18-year old Marcus Edwards. On the surface, he's just another youth player lingering around Spurs that you'll sell instantly. After all, what good is a right midfielder rated 65 when you have a Premier League to win? He's not exactly going to beat the league's best defenders, right?

Wrong. In time, Edwards goes from a 65 rating to 87 overall. Just like Vincent Thill, that's a jump of 22 points and makes the English teenager a must-buy in this year's game if you have an eye on the future. The only downside is that Edwards just signed a new contract with Mauricio Pochettino's side during the summer, so it may take some more money than usual to push through a move.

If you manage it, then you'll have a rough diamond on your hands who will soon turn into a truly awesome midfielder. His pace makes Edwards valuable on the flanks too. Just keep your eye on that 87 rating, and you won't lose interest in the youngster even when other, more established midfielders pop up on your radar.


Which young players will you be buying in FIFA 18's Career Mode? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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