FIFA 18: 10 Players With The Most Potential For Growth

10. Jordi Mboula (Monaco)

At just 18 years of age, Monaco's new midfielder Jordi Mboula looks like the latest youth sensation to emerge at the club. He wasn't actually a product of the French side's academy though, because he signed from Barcelona after Monaco activated a release clause in his contract. Even Barca take their eye off the ball every so often.

A right midfielder by trade, Mboula starts off with a 68 rating in FIFA 18. Give him the necessary game time (in other words, don't sit him in the reserves wasting away) and the youngster has the potential to become an 85-rated player. That's a growth of 17, and it could happen in just a few short seasons if you let him run riot in the first team.

You won't be able to buy Mboula immediately due to his recent deal with Monaco, but he will be available during the first January transfer window. If you like zippy midfielders who can run the length of the pitch and still have the composure to find the net, he's your man.

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