FIFA 18: 10 Rumours You Need To Know

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Can you feel it? Anticipation is at a fever pitch to dive right into FIFA 18 and start another 12 months of online battles with friends, late-night Career Mode marathons and endless debates about whether or not EA are still scripting those dodgy last-minute CPU goals.

That's right, EA's football juggernaut is nearly upon us yet again. That September 29 release date can't come soon enough, but with just over a full month to go before the game hits shelves the question must be asked: do we know absolutely everything there is to know about FIFA 18 already, or do EA have some hidden secrets up their gold-encrusted sleeves?

The rumour mill is hot across social media, in pubs and on those websites which exist solely to deliver FIFA-related updates throughout the year. Burning through what's real and what isn't can be challenging so close to release, but some of the current rumours doing the rounds are damn tasty...

10. Pace Is Back

FIFA 18 Eden Hazard
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Those lucky beggars who have managed to get their hands on FIFA 18's beta code are currently ploughing through matches and previewing The Journey 2 before everyone else. Of course, the beta version isn't the final build, but instead a chance for lucky players to sample what EA have in store this year. It turns out that they've cranked the speed of the game up to 11.

One user on Reddit reported back that defenders "turn like trucks" and strikers "run like Bolt", suggesting that those who favour a more leisurely pace might not enjoy FIFA 18. EA had fixed the issue of match speed in 16 and 17. Whilst those games were more laid back and suited thoughtful, more tactical play, FIFA 18 is said to be more akin to arcade footie games of the past.

Does this mean we'll simply have to spam the sprint button to beat defenders rather than using smart build-up play and through balls? Possibly, although it's hard to see a return to the days of FIFA '98's style. Jinking runs by skilled players are one thing, but defending must also be on point.

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