FIFA 18: 10 Stadiums That Need To Be In The Game

Playing at Ivy Lane is getting old...

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If there's one thing EA have sorted out in recent years, it's the bevy of real-life stadiums in the FIFA series. After all, who wants to play as Manchester United in a generic arena that looks nothing like the 'Theatre Of Dreams' we're so used to seeing on TV? Old Trafford is a must in FIFA, but it isn't alone.

The deeper and deeper EA get into the idea of total immersion, the more and more fans of the series will want. Stadiums come into that, because supporters want to lead the charge in a building they're so accustomed to attending every other Saturday. Hell, even if it's not your team, playing in an authentic stadium just feels nice.

Kiss goodbye to hopes that Barcelona's Camp Nou will be in FIFA 18 though. Konami and PES have that one sown up. But what about those stadiums that certainly can be included? It's about time some of these gems were given the digital treatment...

10. Maracana Stadium (Brazil)

Maracana Stadium
By dronepicr (Stadion Rio de Janeiro Finale WM 2014) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

FIFA 17 featured over 70 stadiums, around 50 of which were fully licensed. Impressive though that is, not a single ground from Brazil made the cut.

There are few sights more awe-inspiring in football than Brazil's Maracana, and it's one of the most hallowed names amongst footy fans the world over.

The main clubs of Rio de Janeiro, Flamengo and Fluminense, make use of the 78,000 seater and the old favourite was revamped in time for the 2014 World Cup. Quite why it's not a staple in FIFA games is confusing, especially because it hosted the final of that tournament between Germany and Argentina. Sort it out, EA.

Even fans who don't really know what the Maracana Stadium looks like have probably heard of the place. If for no other reason than the historic novelty, Brazil's national ground must be included in FIFA 18. Just look at the place: it's resplendent.

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