FIFA 18: 10 Things EA Need To Steal From PES

FIFA's wealth of licenses mean little without the Champions League...

Camp Nou PES 2017

Every year sees the same battle between FIFA's license-heavy approach and the more quaint appeal of PES. EA Sports have undoubtedly become kings of the football video game world, but there are still a few hidden gems in the Konami playbook that FIFA could benefit from stealing.

No, PES 2017 still doesn't have a fully-fleshed out Premier League, official kits or even team names, yet there's still something charming about the title. In terms of pure football, Pro Evolution Soccer plays like a dream and holds an edge over FIFA that series fans eager to start pre-ordering FIFA 18 won't want to admit.

It's not all gameplay either, PES does possess a number of presentation tweaks that EA could be doing with introducing to FIFA. Perhaps then we'd finally get that perfect football game, instead of having to choose between the franchises each year...


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