FIFA 18: 4 Ways It's Different On The Switch (And 1 Similarity)

Good news: it's coming out. Bad news: it's watered down.

EA Sports

Last year, EA Sports' newest entry to behemoth 24-year-old football simulator, FIFA 17, represented something of a new beginning for the series. The game felt like a refreshed take on the franchise, with features such as 'The Journey' and set piece rewrites that allowed you to immerse yourself in the game in ways that had never been conceived before. It was a typically strong release.

This year at E3, EA Sports announced FIFA 18, promising to build upon the mechanics and gameplay of the last game, as not entirely unexpected music to the ears of fans. And excitingly for Nintendo players, unlike previous FIFA games (at least since 2013), the developers also previously announced earlier this year that the Switch would be receiving its own version of the game.

Somewhat annoyingly, they revealed that it will be missing several key features, adding a caveat to the release that has not gone down entirely well.

With Nintendo's console delighting fans, but an inevitable frustration around a watered-down release, it's important to look at how the Switch version will differ (and one key way it will be the same)...

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