FIFA 18 Career Mode: 10 Players You Need To Buy First

1. Diego Costa

Diego Costa Fifa 18
EA Sports

Poor Diego. Not only has the Spanish internationalist been left out of Chelsea's Champions League squad, but problems with Antonio Conte have probably also soured his great relationship with the Stamford Bridge faithful. That's a real same, because Costa has been one of the Premier League's best strikers for a few years now. It's time to rekindle that magic.

Any Arsenal, Man Utd or Man City supporter should want to take Diego off Chelsea's hands and turn him back into England best goal scorer. It's possible in FIFA 18, although there's perhaps more scope to take the 86-rated forward back to La Liga with Barcelona or Real Madrid. Whichever big club you choose, he's the striker to gun for.

That 83 shooting stat is jaw-dropping, as are the 88 physical and 4-star weak foot abilities. Costa can shoot from anywhere and still find the target. Wouldn't you want that in your side? Play intricate one-twos between guys like Costa and Mahrez for the ultimate attacking machine.

He'll be expensive, but he's the marquee signing that'll sell shirts and appease the board.

Which other players do you feel are must-buys in FIFA 18's Career Mode? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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