FIFA 18 Career Mode: 10 Players You Need To Buy First

9. Yannick Carrasco

Yannick Carrasco FIFA 18
EA Sports

Left-sided midfielder Yannick Carrasco has been ranked 82nd in EA's own top 100 FIFA 18 player list. That may seem low to some, but remember the kind of players that are going to be above the Atlético Madrid man on the same list. With excellent pace and expert dribbling, the Belgian is a good buy.

Carrasco is the type of player who will be signed an awful lot in FIFA 18, because he's still only 24 but has great stats with the potential to get even better over time. The transfer fee will be huge, but there are worse ideas than snapping him up for a lower price by adding sell-on clauses that convince Atlético to drop the sum.

The player could be doing with a boost to his physical stats (he's likely to get shoved off the ball a lot in the Premier League), but that's something you can work on in training. That feature helped improve dodgy areas of a player's game last year, and it'll do the same this time around.

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