FIFA 18 Career Mode: 20 Wonderkids You Need To Sign

The stars of tomorrow could be in your team today...

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Remember when a fresh-faced Cristiano Ronaldo first graced the Old Trafford turf as a teenager in 2003? Alex Ferguson's decision to sign the then 18-year old for just over £12 million proved huge for Manchester United then, just like buying some of FIFA 18's wonder kids could be massive for your club in-game now.

Career Mode's new features encourage you to buy youth, develop them and then sell such budding superstars on for big transfer fees. The player negotiations suite allows you to add sell-on and release clauses which could pay dividends later. Similarly, you can now haggle with agents and clubs to get the best deal, chipping off a few million on a youngster's price tag.

It's all very exciting stuff and makes it even more important to keep your eye on exactly who will be the stars of the future. If you're a Premier League giant or European heavyweight, then this is part and parcel of transfer business, but if you're a mid-table side who enjoy developing youth then it's good to know which players will fulfil their potential...

20. Douglas Luiz (Girona/Man City)

Currently on loan to Spanish side Girona from Man City, 19-year old central midfielder Douglas Luiz is one of the lowest ranked players on this list. That doesn't mean he's not worth checking out though, because the Brazilian could grow from a 73-rated player into one of the world's very best.

Over time, Luiz has the potential to see his skills blossom to an overall score of 86. His stats aren't immediately impressive, but that only means you'll be able to pick him up a little cheaper than most others. Luis won't be available for transfer from the start of your Career either, so keep that in mind, but he is worth recalling if you pick City.

A few seasons spent playing cup games and using the Training feature will turn this average midfielder into something special.

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