FIFA 18 Demo: 7 Things We Learned

6. Improvements To Presentation Work Well

EA Sports

Before getting stuck into the presentation, it's important to note that the improvements to crowds, pre-match overlays and commentary are largely superficial. There's nothing here that will drastically change how you play FIFA, but they are improvements all the same. If nothing else, seeing fans move like a sea of people rather than cardboard cutouts is nice.

When you score, fans leap around like they're at the best party ever, and this becomes even more appealing when you net a late equaliser or (better yet) win the game with seconds to spare. It's now also possible for scorers to run towards the crowd and embrace them, which gives last-minute winners much more atmosphere.

Fire up a match in Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabéu stadium and you won't notice the changes immediately. That's because the fans hold up display placards and stand still. It's impressive when looked at from a distance, but underwhelming up close. The fact that changes when the match is in progress feels life-like though.

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