FIFA 18: Predicting The 10 Best Strikers

Who's challenging CR7 for that crown?

FIFA 18 Ronaldo
EA Sports

FIFA 17's well-drilled CPU defensive lines made it difficult to simply spam the sprint button and whizz past those sorry centre backs like in prior FIFA titles. Not only did this force gamers to adapt their playing style, it also made clinical strikers who could score from any angle with limited space all the more important.

It's expected FIFA 18 will have the same focus on deadly finishing, but that's hardly a bad thing. After all, real-life football relies on those who can get the job done even when pressed by a group of defenders desperate to stop them. Prepare to lean heavily on guys like Messi and Ronaldo again this year.

The question is though: just who is joining the obvious top strikers as the best FIFA 18 will have to offer? Further, who should you be looking to grab for your Ultimate Team or Career Mode squads? Paying top dollar may well be worth it when it comes to football's greatest sharpshooters...

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