FIFA 18: Ranking Every 5-Star Skill Players From Worst To Best

3. Thiago (88)

FIFA 18 Thiago
EA Sports

In EA's eyes, Pogba isn't quite as good as Thiago Alcântara. The Spaniard doesn't appear to have the same level of stats as his younger contemporary, but his 88 overall rating is higher than Pogba's 87. Both are great players, and it's not as though Thiago (at 26) is about to dip in form any time soon. If Pogba cost £100 million plus, what does that make the Bayern Munich star worth?

2. Neymar (92)

FIFA 18 Neymar
EA Sports

Neymar is almost the perfect attacking player in FIFA 18. He has weaknesses defensively, but who will worry about that when the Brazilian is skipping past defenders, doing insane things with a football and banging them in at the other end? Oh, Neymar is also just as good with his left foot as he is with his right, and the left is supposedly his weaker side.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (94)

FIFA 18 Ronaldo
EA Sports

You might not be surprised to see Cristiano Ronaldo at the top of this list, but you may be shocked that Lionel Messi wasn't included by EA. The Barca hero is definitely one of the world's best players, though not one with 5-star skill moves in FIFA-land. Ronaldo does possess such skills, it seems, and FIFA 18's poster boy sits atop the skill move mountain this year.

Are you surprised by any of the players EA handed 5-star skill moves to this year? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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