FIFA 18: Ranking Every 5-Star Skill Players From Worst To Best

36. Benson Manuel (69)

FIFA 18 Manuel
EA Sports

A mere 20 years old and with decent stats all round, Belgian right midfielder Benson Manuel could be a nifty buy in FIFA 18 if you make use of the training suite properly. He won't be amazing immediately, but over time may become a winner. Besides, he has those 5-stars in the skill moves category, so EA obviously think he's good.

35. Thabo Rakhale (70)

FIFA 18 Rakhale
EA Sports

Currently playing in South Africa for the Orlando Pirates, Thabo Rakhale is another who could be considered decent for lower-league clubs. Should you choose a team from the English Championship, for example, he may well prove to be a rough diamond on the right wing. That's where those skills will come to life.

34. Matheus Pereira (70)

FIFA 18 Pereira
EA Sports

Not to be confused with a player of the same name who plays for Sporting Lisbon, Matheus Pereira is currently on loan at Bordeaux from Juventus. An attacking midfielder, the 19-year old should see that 72 pace stat shoot up if you play him enough. He also has the skill moves to make that speed count when he dazzles defenders.

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