FIFA 18: Ranking Every Major New Feature (From Worst To Best)

6. Dynamic Weather

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This should have been one of FIFA 18's best new features. The idea that matches are affected by shifting weather patterns mid-game is exciting, because it (in theory, at least) opens up a whole new tactical side to FIFA. It's just a shame then that 'Dynamic Weather' is fleeting at best and downright doesn't happen the rest of the time.

Dare to play in Scotland and you'll be hit with the same weather cycles as before. Every match from September-March plays out in the rain, perhaps with a brief bout of snow come late-December into January. Attention EA: Scotland is cold, but the weather there is also unpredictable. This should have been the ideal chance to show off your fancy new weather engine.

England suffers from the same kind of problem, and that's more worrying considering most players will choose Premier League sides. Experiencing how weather can change football matches is what this was supposed to be all about, but it isn't. Scenarios such as smaller clubs finding themselves buoyed by the onset of rain when 1-0 down to a top team are absent.

Dynamic weather needs work.

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