FIFA 18: Ranking Every Major New Feature (From Worst To Best)

1. Career Mode Negotiations

EA Sports

Before FIFA 18 landed on shelves, the trusty Career Mode had been crying out for some love. Aside from a new graphic here or a bit of club context before choosing which team to manage there, the Career suite had been totally ignored by EA over the past few seasons. FIFA 18 changes that with the addition of brand new cut scenes and a greater sense of immersion.

Those negotiation inserts are really effective. Sure, they don't feature voice-acting and you will find yourself reading the same text over and over, but it's nice to see EA flesh out a classic mode with something fresh. Besides, the chance to use things like sell-on and release clauses are a welcome bonus, not to mention long overdue for the series.

Career Mode feels important again, and we'll take that for now. There's naturally still room for improvement, but EA's new negotiations feature is a winner. Other touches, such as 'Player Of The Month' cut scenes and player unveilings, make the package sweeter too.

Rejoice, Career stalwarts, because you haven't been forgotten this year.

What do you make of FIFA 18's new features? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section below!

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