FIFA 18 Vs. PES 2018: Which Game Is Better?

EA vs. Konami. Who takes home the title this year?

FIFA 18 PES 2018
EA Sports/Konami

It's been a decade now since EA roared back into contention with FIFA 08. That one game threatened Konami's vice-like grip on the football video game market, kick-starting a battle that has raged on ever since. The days of FIFA only boasting style over PES substance seemed over back then, but even now there are still distinct differences in the way both developers approach the beautiful game.

In many ways, this year's war is like a shoot out between Real Madrid and Barcelona. That's reflected in the cover art for both games; FIFA 18, complete with Cristiano Ronaldo's mug on the box, is a bloated giant stuffed full of licences and Sky Sports-like bravado. Meanwhile, PES 2018 displays the Catalan spirit of Barcelona, and it just so happens to be Barca's official game to boot.

Unless you're willing to plonk down enough cash to buy both, one burning question enters every footy fan's head this time of year: which one is better? FIFA 18 or PES 2018? Which game is more deserving of your hard-earned cash?

Both sides have their loyal supporters, and yet only one can rule as king of the genre in 2017...


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