FIFA 19: 10 Changes From Last Year's Game You Need To Know

10. Those Juicy UEFA Licenses

FIFA 19 Champions League
EA Sports

How could we start anywhere else?

The pageantry, the history, the top teams suffocating champions from smaller nations who have to go through four qualifying rounds just to get a sniff of the big time. It'll all be there in FIFA 19. Finally, EA have wrestled both the Champions and Europa League licenses away from Konami and PES. That, in itself, deserves a celebration.

No more Champions Cup and Euro League, no more phoney (and borderline patronising) guff about the lineage of fake competitions from the commentary team, and no more make-believe when it comes round to those crunch mid-week ties. UEFA's bold branding is here, and it promises to be FIFA's crown jewel this year.

Such things are superficial, sure, but they matter. Some FIFA players bought PES solely on the basis that they'd get to hear the Champions League theme and see their team lift the actual trophy. Now, thanks to EA, you can do it with Man City instead of 'Man Blue'.

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