FIFA 19: 10 Changes From Last Year's Game You Need To Know

9. The New Commentary Duo

FIFA 19 Champions League
EA Sports

Bonus: you won't be listening to the tired old lines from Martin Tyler and Alan Smith as you march through the group stages and to the glory of a Champions League final. Tyler and Smith, as insightful as they've been on Premier League duty in past FIFA games, have been replaced for club footy's biggest competition.

Enter BT Sport's Derek Rae and ex-Arsenal defender Lee Dixon.

They'll be the ones guiding FIFA 19's European journeys. It's unclear at this point whether or not players will be able to switch them on for domestic campaigns too; common sense would predict not. EA are more likely to have Rae and Dixon work exclusively on the Champions and Europa League games, giving centre stage elsewhere to the trusty Tyler/Smith combo.

Still, it's nice to have some new voices. Adding another commentary team hasn't been part of EA's planning for years now, and it's rather cool they've decided to give the regulars a well-earned rest. Rae and Dixon should help freshen things up.

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