FIFA 19: 10 Criminally Underrated Players

10. Andrew Robertson - 81


The Liverpool left-back is arguably first or second in the Premier League in his position, yet he holds a mere 81 in FIFA 19. The other best left back in the league, Man City's Benjamin Mendy, also holds an 81, so perhaps EA just don't care for left-backs.

Alberto Moreno had failed to impress over the course of three seasons at Anfield, so much so that Jurgen Klopp turned to midfielder James Milner to plug the hole in the defence. Then Robertson joined Liverpool from Hull City in 2017 and almost immediately established himself as the left-back solution the Reds had been searching for.

Since then, Robertson has created seven assists and one goal for Liverpool, and endeared himself to the fans with his tireless work rate, humble attitude, and defensive abilities. He's undeniably one of the Premier League's best left-back's and an 81 in FIFA 19 is no representative of that.

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