FIFA 19: 10 Fan Demands EA Sports Must Include

10. Choice Of Commentary Teams

Alan Smith Martin Tyler
EA Sports

The dulcet tones of Martin Tyler's commentary invoke countless memories of Premier League football on Sky Sports. He's also a FIFA institution, having owned the microphone since 2006 alongside forgotten Scot Andy Gray's OTT gusto and the inoffensive wittering of Alan Smith about playing for "the Arsenal".

It's hard to imagine FIFA without Tyler, and yet it's probably time fans of the series were once again given the option of some fresh voices.

Up until a few years ago, Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend were available as a backup brigade for cup matches or internationals. It felt refreshing to hear a different take, and it lessened the tedium of repeated lines from Tyler and company across every single match. It's something fans want to see return.

Having the luxury of choice between two or three commentary teams would be awesome. EA don't have to change up too much of the dialogue between each group either; all parties could record largely the same script, just with a few improved lines or changed phrasing here and there.

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