FIFA 19: 10 Fan Demands EA Sports Must Include

9. Proper Press Conferences

EA Sports

Press conferences in Career Mode feel rather empty these days. Whether you're motivating and praising individual players or trying to play mind games with a fellow coach, nothing seems to really impact what happens on the pitch. Honestly, there doesn't appear to be any formula. The whole thing feels random.

In FIFA 19, it'd be nice to see EA take media responsibilities seriously. As things stand, press quotes come across as pointless pauses between big matches, and they lack the true-to-life feel of those seen in Football Manager, for example.

If EA aren't going to bother making these crucial managerial moments mean something, then they'd be better off removing them entirely so gamers can just get on with it without being interrupted by those red mic icons on the calendar.

Anyone who has played FIFA for longer than a few years must yearn to see proper player unveilings, real back-and-forth banter between rival teams before massive matches and more cut and thrust generally. It shouldn't be left to the player to create their own drama.

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