FIFA 19: 10 Improvements We Want To See In Career Mode

Think Messi signing for Madrid is impossible? Not in a new Storyline Mode...

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Pre-release, EA Sports did a lot of talking about all the improvements they'd made to FIFA 18's Career Mode suite. Flashy new transfer negotiation cut scenes promised to bring the feature bang up to date by reflecting real-life bidding, and other tweaks like the Squad Hub were welcome changes to the old format.

Behind all that gloss though, Careers still felt like the same endless churn through match after match. The whole mode is lacking a bit of polish and needs some thought before FIFA 19 hits the shelves.

There are things EA could do (both big and small) to make Career Mode great again. No, the feature isn't a priority for the developers, and yes, it does fall behind Ultimate Team in terms of importance to EA's coffers, but it's the only true mode for offline players who want to live out their management dreams.

Pep Guardiola wouldn't be expected to settle for simple 'Praise' or 'Unnerve' options at every press conference, so neither should FIFA's loyal fan base...

10. Subtle Improvements To The Transfer System

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Whilst it is fun to meet players/agents face-to-face and thrash out a deal in FIFA 18, it's frustrating that (even in 2018) EA haven't realised how fluid the transfer system is in real-life footy. Clubs are in constant communication with another to find the best deals for them and the players they want, and it's weird that day-to-day business isn't part of FIFA.

Here's an example: Columbian whizz-kid James Rodríguez is on loan at Bayern Munich as Career Mode kicks off. He's in his mid-20s, already boasts an 86 overall rating and fits snugly into the midfield at the Allianz Arena. It's just a shame there's no point in playing him above other regulars, because negotiating a full transfer is impossible until he's been sent back to Real Madrid.

Even then, another club might swoop in and steal the man you gave game time to the previous season. That's poor, EA, and it needs fixing. Being able to negotiate a proper transfer when a player is on loan at your club is something so simple, and it has to be included in FIFA 19.

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