FIFA 19: 10 Improvements We Want To See In Career Mode

8. Less Frequent CPU Transfers

EA Sports

Until José Mourinho's Man Utd stop gobbling up every single striker worth a toss in FIFA's universe, the Career Mode won't feel like the ultra-realistic footy world sim EA want it to be. Leave jokes about Utd throwing money at the problem aside for a second too, because even Old Trafford's money men don't act this gung-ho in reality.

Within the first Summer and January transfer windows, players can expect to see English clubs act as though it's the final season ever. Signings are made without any rhyme or reason, rosters become stacked with similar talent playing in identical positions, and the real football superpowers like Barcelona and Real Madrid suddenly decide Leighton Baines is the man for them.

Stop it. Just stop it.

EA could do with slowing down the rate of CPU transfer activity in FIFA 19. This is something they've dabbled with before in other franchises like NHL; there, players can use a handy slider to choose how frequent player trades are, and it helps the experience greatly.

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