FIFA 19: 10 New Features That Fix Annoying Problems

10. That Coveted Champions League License

FIFA 19 Champions League
EA Sports/UEFA

Champions Cup. Bloody Champions Cup.

In a series so obsessed with ensuring that the fibres on Man Utd's kit replicate the ones worn in real life, it's been highly annoying to see EA brazenly present a fake version of football's biggest club competition. The Champions League is where it's at, and it's become so hard to get excited when Martin Tyler is droning on about a cup that doesn't exist.

Finally, EA have solved that by snagging the UEFA licensing from PES. Now, armed with the Champions and Europa League proper, FIFA feels like the meatiest football video game in history. The licenses are heavy, and EA have come up trumps by paying top dollar for that Champions League authenticity.

Good, because they owed it to fans who have spent years pretending that they're vying for the trophy they see presented on TV every May. The age-old FIFA problem of seeing your favourite side lift a made-up cup invented to mimic club football's most famous has been solved.

Hooray for patience.

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