FIFA 19: 10 New Features That Fix Annoying Problems

Tacticians rejoice! EA are stealing some of Konami's thunder...

EA Sports

There's a love/hate relationship between EA and longtime FIFA players.

On one hand, the game is a schoolboy fantasy come true. Being able to play as the sport's megastars in authentic stadiums, wearing real-life kits and with the graphical oomph the eighth generation of consoles has is immeasurably fun. On the other, several niggling issues, both minor and game-breaking, keep popping up to ruin that fun, and EA (until recently) haven't seem bothered.

FIFA 19 promises to change all that. No more stupid goalkeeping, less time figuring out who's who on the 3D radar and more tactical depth, both pre-match and during it, than ever before. Those are the changes being touted, and they fix so many annoyances the series has become known for.

Thus far, outside of some E3 coverage and fan speculation, EA haven't made a lot of noise about these developments. Remarkably, there's also been less of the usual pompous shouting from rooftops and gross marketing buildup too.

This year's entry doesn't appear to have the same level of hype 18 did in terms of marquee features; there's no talk of cut scenes in Career Mode, customisation in The Journey or buzz about the Nintendo Switch debut. Instead, all that has been replaced by a workmanlike focus on securing the licenses people care about and actual gameplay...

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