FIFA 19: 10 Players Who Deserve A Rating Downgrade

10. Arjen Robben

Arjen Robben
Lukas Barth/dpa/Corbis

Last Year's Rating: 88

Don't get the wrong end of the stick here. Dutch maestro Arjen Robben still has good enough pace to throw shade on any suggestions the 34-year old Bayern man is finished. He's also an effective weapon the Munich side continue to use in season 2018-19.

That's testament to how well he's looked after his body.

Father Time is catching up though. Robben, who ranked #24 in EA's own Top 100 list for FIFA 18, no longer deserves to be rated higher than players like Man City's David Silva (43) or Spurs' Danish main man Christian Eriksen (40). His 88 overall rating is just a little high, so it should be reduced a point or two come FIFA 19.

EA don't need to punish Robben too hard. It's not his fault age is beginning to catch up with him, and a score of 85 or 86 would seem fair.

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