FIFA 19: 10 Things EA Should Steal From PES

2. Realistic Football

PES 2018

The one major gameplay positive PES can boast over FIFA is that it avoids scripting controversy completely. Matches have a more realistic cut and thrust to them devoid of CPU meddling just to spice things up a little.

In EA's game, the CPU will always get a last-minute chance to equalise or nab the winner. That's just the way it is. Your players, no matter how good, are powerless to stop it from happening; the AI has decided it's getting a shot on goal, deal with it.

PES doesn't do that, and matches sometimes even end in a lifeless 0-0 draw with few chances. It's entirely possible to play a match on the top difficulty levels in PES without either side getting more than one or two shots on goal. Again, that's realistic. Not every match can be a 4-4 highlight reel.

That's something EA need to learn. Football isn't always glamorous, and it doesn't always feature 40-yard screamers and passages of play the Barca team from 2011 would applaud. Sometimes, it's a midfield scrap, just like it should be.

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