FIFA 19: 11 Players Who Will Be Overrated

10. Jesse Lingard

Barrington Coombs/EMPICS Sport

Jesse Lingard is more popular than he is talented. That's not to say he isn't a good football player, he is, but as an attacking player who has only managed eight goals and five assists in 33 appearances for Manchester United, Lingard is definitely more flash than substance.

Credit where it is due, Lingard rose up through the ranks in United to finally force himself into Jose Mourinho's first team. He's an exciting, technical player who can create goals, score some crackers, and made fans love him with his Fortnite-inspired dances. Lingard's future is obviously very bright but as of now, he's more reminiscent of Raheem Sterling than Dele Alli.

Lingard has good dribbling and speed but his end product leaves a lot to be desired and he makes dumb decisions. His output for United has never been good enough to warrant his high rating, and his World Cup was completely lacklustre to boot.

Lingard has heaps of potential but he has yet to hit the mark of a mid 80 rated player.

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