FIFA 19: 11 Players Who Will Be Overrated

These 11 players will undeservedly boss the game.

EA Sports

FIFA 19 is almost upon us and it's high-time we get into the weeds of predictions. Player ratings is one of the most exciting aspects of each years game, and helps us understand who EA deem as the world's finest players, and those they aren't so high on.

Unless you are a fan of Real Madrid, Barcelona, or Paris Saint-Germain, you'll be familiar with ratings disappointment. Each year you'll be disappointed that your favourite player on your team isn't rated anywhere near what you think he should be.

The pendulum also swings the other way though; some of the highest-rated players in the game are only there due to reputation. You see this with the likes of Kylian Mbappé, whose rating rose 12 points from FIFA 17 to 18 - largely due to his major money transfer to PSG.

So, it's fair to say that Electronic Arts is prone to favouring some high-profile players over others. The game is filled with bizarre ratings but we've narrowed it down to the inevitable all-star overrated 11! Get your pitchforks ready!

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