FIFA 19: 11 Players Who Will Be Underrated

10. Benjamin Pavard


An integral part of the French team that just won the World Cup, Benjamin Pavard has officially announced himself to the world. The 22 year old currently plays for Stuttgart and last year had a rating of 77. His recent performances demand a rating somewhere around 85, and a move to a bigger club would help as well.

It's good news for Pavard then, as he is rumoured to be on his way to Bayern Munich. That transfer, along with his performances, will almost certainly bag him a higher rating. The Frenchman was fantastic throughout the World Cup; bombing down the flanks and keeping the likes of Eden Hazard and Diego Laxalt in his pocket, not to mention the absolute cracker he scored against Argentina. Pavard is one of Europe's most exciting defenders and his FIFA rating needs to be almost ten points higher than last year.


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