FIFA 19: 7 New Additions You Need To Know

Little changes, big results.

FIFA 19 Champions League
EA Sports

EA Sports have busily been snatching the Champions League license from Konami, adding new competition-specific commentary teams and revealing that both pre-match and on-the-fly tactics will play a much bigger role in FIFA 19. This is all exciting, but it's just the start for a series that (finally) looks like a PES-botherer in terms of on-the-pitch action.

Playing under the bright lights of UEFA's top European club prize and being able to choose from more tactical options than the love children of Pep Guardiola and J├╝rgen Klopp does sound promising. It won't mean much without a whole host of other little touches though, and it looks like EA realise that.

This year, subtle tweaks are being made to the gameplay itself, and pretty much nobody is shouting about it.

You need to know about them, because they could potentially change the way you play FIFA or help both casual and hardcore fans alike squeeze more enjoyment out of the game. Combining a wealth of licenses and better mechanics may just give FIFA 19 the edge.

It seems EA were also fans of PES 2018...

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