FIFA 19: 7 New Additions You Need To Know

7. The 'Ghost Markers' From PES Are Here

PES 2018

Squint your eyes and look towards the left of the above image and you may just see a small, grey arrow pointing towards an Argentinian player's head. That's called a secondary (or 'ghost') marker, and it's actually handier than some might think.

Konami already use these in PES, and they've become a nifty and intuitive way to tell gamers which player control will shift to next if they press the right button. For such a simple feature, those trusty little arrows do the business, and it's great to hear they're coming to FIFA 19.

Finally, the days of awkwardly scrambling between multiple players during opposition attacks are over. Maybe.

A quick press of L1/LB will do the trick, and it should eliminate some seriously embarrassing defensive errors at crucial moments. We won't be able to choose which player is waiting in the wings, but PES 2018 proved the system works well without that extra layer of control.

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