FIFA 19: 7 Things Hardcore Fans Want From The Journey 3

7. More Customisation Than Ever Before

FIFA 18 The Journey 2
EA Sports

Being able to unlock new hairstyles, clothing options and tattoos was a nice touch in FIFA 18's Journey. Overall though, there wasn't enough to sink one's teeth into, and it's still impossible for anyone to create the Alex Hunter they want without being held back by pesky limitations.

EA already have a fully-fleshed Create-A-Player suite in FIFA, and it's time they started bringing some more of that feature's elements to The Journey. There's no good reason why not; if they like, EA can still keep in some special unlockables that only become available after playing a pre-determined number of matches or earning a certain amount of money.

Those were fine, but they shouldn't be the only way to customise your star.

A GTA-style clothing store might be the best option here. If EA can implement that, or at least give fans more of a reason to change Hunter's look, then customisation will become more important by proxy. Right now, things are unnecessarily restrictive.

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