FIFA 19: 7 Things We Already Know

"The Chaaaaaaaaaampioooooooooons"...

FIFA 19 Mo Salah
EA Sports

A few months ago, this article would have been left at things like, "Mohammed Salah will be one of the game's fastest players" or, "Cristiano Ronaldo will be involved in the pre-release hype". Thankfully, EA (whether intentional or otherwise) have let leak on some more meaty details for FIFA 19 lately.

All going well, this will be a true watershed moment for the long-running footy series in more ways than one.

It's about time too, because certain aspects of the franchise have started to annoy. How many times can players be expected to manually change that weather option to "flurries" in the winter months just so matches play differently? That's just an example, and another is the irritating insistence that the Champions League is called the "Champions Cup".

That sort of thing undermines EA's license-heavy approach, and it's about to change. Oh boy, is it about to change. Italian football fans will be pleased to know that they're getting the proper treatment this year too.

If EA could have a word with James Richardson and take us back to the glory days of Football Italia while they're at it, that'd be great...

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