FIFA 19 Career Mode: 10 Wonderkids You'll Need To Sign

Who has the potential to be the next Mo Salah?

YouTube/The RGM

The real-world transfer market has changed (finding anyone with serious promise for less than £10-20 million is rare), something nicely reflected in EA's footy franchise over the past few years. It's still possible though, and those who were willing to put the necessary time in to scout young players were rewarded with some absolute gems in FIFA 18's Career Mode.

As ever, building a successful team of young stars means following this phrase: speculate to accumulate.

Everyone knows about hot youngsters like Kylian Mbappé and Neymar, but what about the alternatives that will save a lot of cash and endless trips to those transfer negotiation screens? Get the jump on the in-game CPU by identifying the prospects you need to make your team tick come FIFA 19's release later this year.

There isn't a player here over the age of 21, and that's key. They've all got a good 10 years in the tank before those speed and acceleration stats start to dwindle. When put like that, £10-20 million doesn't seem like a whole lot to have a decade of sustained success at the top...


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