FIFA 19 Career Mode: 5 Big Worries From The Beta

5. Transfer Negotiations Work The Same

Fifa 18 Career Mode

The big change for Career Mode in FIFA 18 was that players could 'negotiate' with clubs and agents to secure their transfer targets. Whereas before all negotiations were handled in the menus, gamers could now take their custom managers into cutscenes and negotiate everything from contract lengths, to bonuses and release clauses.

That being said, the feature could've done with some polish. Cutscenes featured no audio, negotiations were predictable and players could even choose to delegate the responsibility to the computer if they so desired. It meant that once you'd thrashed negotiations out with one agent or manager, you'd seen all the feature had to offer, with it becoming more tedious than immersive over time.

FIFA 19 looks to have brought no changes to the feature this time around either, as players are treated to the same cutscenes with the same managers, the same structures, and the same uncomfortable lack of audio.

It really wouldn't be that difficult to acquire resources to voice these cutscenes, or add some variety to the proceedings by making negotiations unpredictable, and yet neither of these things are present in FIFA 19 (at the time of writing).

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