FIFA 19 Cover With Cristiano Ronaldo & Neymar Revealed

EA's poster boy isn't the only one featured...

EA Sports

EA Sports have revealed that Juventus new boy Cristiano Ronaldo, who swapped the all-white of Real Madrid for the black and white of the Bianconeri this summer, is the main cover star of FIFA 19.

Ronaldo was splashed across the box art in FIFA 18 too (replacing Borussia Dortmund's Marco Reus the previous year), but he isn't getting the place to himself in 19. Pre-order the Champions or Ultimate Editions of the game and you'll also be getting PSG's Brazilian wizard Neymar into the bargain.

The standard edition is all CR7's however, and it's notable that the starry Champions League crest is front and centre on his Juventus shirt sleeve. That's the big addition to this year's lineup, and it's a license EA are expected to push across the entire game.

Those ordering the Champions and Ultimate Editions pre-release should expect some bonuses besides a beautifully-presented cover. Ultimate Team goodies will be the main course, and there's a new Champions League-based mode in FUT this year to complement EA's UEFA licensing.

FIFA 19 drops on 28 September. Pre-orders will ship three days early.

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