FIFA 19 Early Wishlist: 10 Things Fans Want To See

Managers deserve to celebrate too, EA...

Fifa 19 Ronaldo
EA Sports

FIFA 18 is the ultimate football game for those who favour presentation, licenses and drama over tactical tweaks and simulation. If that's more your bag, then PES 2018 has you covered. EA can't claim their game is perfect next to Konami's product, but it is the best FIFA entry to date. There is still room for improvement, however.

Annual updates to the series make this difficult. There's only so much EA can change before that deadline hits, and that often means features fans of the franchise are desperate to see miss out. As good as FIFA 18 is though, the developers need to start injecting the series with some fresh ideas, or at least build on the positives.

And there are positives. Again, FIFA 18 is brilliant, but there are some things hardcore FIFA players would love to see change in time for next year's game. There's no harm getting in there early with these suggestions. EA need time to work on them, after all. And while there are some rumours that EA Sports might be moving away from yearly releases in favour of a subscription service, the improvements will still be necessary.

Attention, EA. This is what we want...


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